Monday, 2 October 2017

Rumour πŸ‘‰ EBOUE infected with HIV AIDS


In the Super League, it was learned that Emmanuel Eboue, who wore Galatasaray form during the 2011-16 seasons, was caught in AIDS. Emmanuel Eboue , who was 34 years old wearing a Galatasaray form, was transferred from Turkish Cypriot team to Turkish Ocağı Limassol . The star athlete was spent here on health checks. However, the 34-year-old Ivory Coast football was detected as “HIV virus” “Unfortunately, Eboue’s health problem is real, but it is a real catastrophe,” said Tekin Birinci , manager of the game, ” We will fly to Britain tonight because of the negative blood values. Eboue, confirmed by the manager who got caught in AIDS , Eboue, 101 games with Galatasaray form, 5 goals and 12 assists signed.

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