Saturday, 2 September 2017

Top 20 highest paying clubs this summer window

The 20 Highest Spending Clubs This Summer by Rico96(m): 8:39am A truly lavish summer of spending saw the world transfer record broken, and numerous club records tumble across Europe A record-breaking transfer window was delivered in the summer of 2017. Deloitte have confirmed that Premier League clubs have smashed the £1 billion mark , with Manchester City, Chelsea and Manchester United all spending well over £100m. BIGGEST SPENDERS OF THE TRANSFER WINDOW MONEY SPENT MANCHESTER CITY £221.5M PSG £214.2M MILAN £178.4M CHELSEA £155.4M EVERTON £149.1M MANCHESTER UNITED £145.8M FC BARCELONA £143.6M JUVENTUS £136.7M BAYERN MUNICH £94.9M AS MONACO £91.8M AS ROMA £85.7M LIVERPOOL £82.9M TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR £82.1M INTER £79.4M BORUSSIA DORTMUND £67.8M SEVILLA £56.7M REAL MADRID £56.7M LEICESTER CITY £55.4M WATFORD £53.2M ARSENAL £48.8M But, it must be noted, that the Premier League has the most representation in the top 20, with eight clubs. Tottenham and Liverpool's spending, of course, is to be expected as both clubs look to launch title challenges in an open season, but that Watford sneak into the top 20, with a higher outlay than Arsenal, only serves to highlight the ludicrous opulence on display in the English top-flight at present.

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