Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Usain Bolt has 12football offers

Sprint legend Usain Bolt has 12 trial offers from football clubs, says agent

Jamaican run legend Usain Bolt is equipping to swap his track shoes for football boots, and his operator demands that he has no absence of suitors in the expert amusement.

Jolt, 30, holds the sports world record for both the 100-and 200-meter trains, the principal man ever to do as such, and gloats eight Olympics gold awards in individual and hand-off occasions.

"Usain is 30 could even now race for an additional four years and go to the 2020 Olympics however he has accomplished all that he needs to accomplish," Ricky Simms told the Daily Star.

"In the event that you ask him he will need to play football and in light of the fact that he has said that we have had twelve clubs who might want him to run for a trial with them," the operator included.

"He would hit me on the set out toward saying he is not going to play in the Champions League, but rather I don't know sensibly on the off chance that he has the inspiration at this phase of his life to run preparing with the stores on a blustery day in Manchester or Munich or some place as he is a well off person and has an incredible life.

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