Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Study claimed Messi most overpaid star πŸ˜”

Lionel Messi the world's most overpaid football star, claims study

Another investigation on player compensation has asserted that Barcelona may not be getting their maximum value out of Lionel Messi's galactic week after week pay.

His magnificent ability has been properly remunerated with a compensation bundle that makes Messi one of the wealthiest men in wear, close by Real Madrid equal Cristiano Ronaldo.

As indicated by the International Journal of Computer Science in Sport, in any case, he may not legitimacy such a high valuation.

Furthermore, regardless of his status as one of the finest players on the planet, Messi turns out at the highest priority on the rundown of overpaid stars, with the IJCSS battling his actual esteem is some €320,000 lower than his real week after week wage.

"For example, a player, for example, Lionel Messi gets a week after week wage of €550,000 given that piece of it is sponsorship, stock deals, picture rights, and different salaries outside the extent of wins or execution on the field," the report said.

"Utilizing design acknowledgment, Messi's anticipated compensation processed in view of the execution and wages of the present football players in the real football groups would have been around half less."

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