Thursday, 31 August 2017

I worth more than €300 million after Neymar transfer -Hazard


The attacker is seeking to make his first
competitive minutes of the season with
Belgium over the next week and has shared
a laugh over his qualities
Chelsea star Eden Hazard has joked that he
thinks he would be worth in the region of
€300 million in today’s transfer market.
Neymar’s €222m move to Paris Saint-
Germain from Barcelona – a record for a
single player – has seen prices escalate
incredibly over the last two months and the
Belgium international is curious to find out
what he may be valued at.
Hazard 50/1 Premier League top scorer
Speaking to HNL, he said: “I don't know how
much I would cost. Maybe €300 million? It
all depends on the market. Neymar is a
Brazilian, has a lot of potential, is a year
younger than I am and played for
Barcelona. A transfer fee also depends on
your contract and on a number of other
things. We will see how much I am worth if
I ever get a transfer.
“I didn’t really think about a transfer much.
Although maybe it did cross my mind [that I
could have joined Barcelona following
Neymar's transfer]. A lot has happened this
transfer window. That's a good thing.
“Every time someone leaves a club, other
players could come in to replace them. If it
isn't me, then at least it’s someone else.
But I am feeling well at Chelsea. I have just
started my sixth season here and I am
enjoying myself.”
Meanwhile, the 26-year-old attacker also
had a positive reaction to recent praise
from Real Madrid star and multiple Ballon
d’Or winner Cristiano Ronaldo .
“Ronaldo mentioning me as one of his heirs
shows that he knows a lot about football!
“On a more serious note, it's good to hear
someone like Ronaldo say something like
that. He is one of the best players in the
world, maybe even one of the best ever.
“It's pretty nice that he's so positive about
me. I do not feel any extra pressure because
of it. It just makes me want to get better
even more.”
Hazard is yet to feature in a competitive
match for Chelsea’s first team this season,
although he did play in a Premier League 2
clash against Everton last week . However,
he could play a role for Belgium as they
tackle Gibraltar and Greece in World Cup

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