Friday, 4 August 2017


It all started like a joke. The usual ridiculous transfer rumours that often pervade the web during transfer windows. The rumour of Neymar moving to PSG from Barca was funny, but moving for a fee of €222 million was outright ridiculous. So we ignored the rumours. But the rumours persisted and endured. And today, the 3rd of August 2017, Neymar's transfer to PSG is finally official. 
While Barca fans may hate him and neutrals remain befuddled by the fee, here are 5 reasons why we should take a moment to analyse the advantages of this huge transfer.

1. MONEY: Neymar's salary at PSG has been revealed to be 515,000 pounds a week AFTER TAX. I repeat after tax! If Kanayo O. Kanayo did blood money from now till 2050 , it will not give him this type of money. Neymar is now the highest paid footballer in the world, even surpassing Messi and Ronaldo. This ensures him and his family are made for life.

2. BALLON D'OR CONSIDERATION : For the past 8 years, the ballon d'or award has been a tug of war contest between Ronaldo and Messi. Other players are nominated for the award merely to find a player for 3rd position. For someone as talented as Neymar, this must have been inwardly infuriating. Moving to PSG is a chance to highlight his name as a true contender for the award. 

3. MORE TROPHIES: In Neymar's first season at Barca, he helped them win the highly sought after treble. This includes champions league, La liga and the Copa del rey trophy. The skillful player proceeded to win more trophies in his remaining years at Barca. Realistically, there is nothing new that Barca has to offer him, whereas with PSG, he can help them win the champions league for the first time in their history.
In addition to that, he can begin his quest to conquer Europe by winning the Ligue 1 trophy from Monaco. After this , he could win the leagues in England, Italy and Germany. 

4. LEGACY: Let's be honest, as long as Messi remains in Barca, Neymar and Suarez will always be in 2nd place. Neymar realized this and he is courageous enough to seek a move to a league where he will be regarded as the best. In Ligue 1, his talents, skill and expertise will finally be showcased for the world to see. This would ensure his name is crested as one of the great footballers of this generation.

5. MARKETABILITY OF BRAZILIAN PLAYERS: A brazillian player being the most expensive player of all time will no doubt increase the allure of other Brazilian players. The Brazilian league will soon be inundated with transfer requests for more players. This will improve the standard of the league and consequently improve the Brazilian economy.

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