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The Blues boss has warned against over-
inflated expectations at the London side
and has urged everyone around the club to
look for stability
Chelsea manager Antonio Conte has
admitted that his team need to become
more stable like Tottenham as he aims to
reign in expectations amid a selection crisis
and his club’s struggles in the transfer
Tiemoue Bakyoko, Eden Hazard and Pedro
could all be rushed back into contention
despite not being fully fit, after a disjointed
Chelsea side were reduced to nine men last
weekend in a 2-3 defeat to Burnley.
Conte’s rivalry with Mauricio Pochettino is a
friendly one and the pair spoke about their
admiration for each other’s work despite a
title run in and FA Cup semi-final clash last
season. Conte concedes that Chelsea need
time to build a more stable squad and
identity like Tottenham, as they aim to be
the best club in the world.
"No-one has put a gun to my head and
said: 'You win or you go away,'" Conte told
reporters when asked about his expectations
at Chelsea. "The only thing I can promise is
work, work, work and that I will try to do my
best to improve the club.
"Sometimes you can win but you are not
building something positive for your future.
I think Tottenham is doing this very well.
And I repeat, when I spoke about Tottenham,
always I spoke very well about Pochettino’s
job, about the club, about their results.”
“I think we need time. We need time. Yes,
maybe [as long as the four years
that Pochettino has had]. To arrive and try
to fight for Champions League, to try to
fight to be the bes tin the world, you need
Pochettino has spoken positively about
Tottenham’s patience with him despite a
lack of silverware and Conte hopes that
Chelsea will do the same with him, if he
fails this season.
Conte thinks that Spurs’ slow, organic and
gradual improvements make them a model
to follow and reiterated his admiration for
the north London club.
"I think that Spurs started to work with
Pochettino for three years, this is the fourth
year and Pochettino has had the possibility
to work for three years with the same
players and have the possibility every
season to improve his foundations," he
"For every coach it’s important to give
continuity to the club because when you
arrive you don’t know what you’ll find. And
when you understand your basis you have to
try to work step-by-step, year-by-year to
improve this basis, to make this basis more
solid and to build a good structure.
"To fight to win the title, to try to win. Last
season we did a fantastic season because
there wasn’t this foundation or basis. For
sure, last season we started to build this
foundation and we won so it means we built
"But now it’s not enough, so we have to
improve, to extend this basis, work together
with new players. I think Tottenham is doing
this very well. Always when I speak about
Tottenham I speak very well about
Pochettino’s job, the club and their results."
Despite Conte's desire for stability and
longevity, he only negotiated a pay-rise and
not an extension when he signed his new
deal this summer. The Blues boss was
asked whether he is committed enough and
whether Chelsea will be patient enough to
keep him around for long enough to build a
longer term project at his current club.
“But I have still two years," he
continued. "This season and next season to
work with this club, then if we stay very well
and we have the same vision, we continue. I
don’t see any problems about the future.
"Now we have two years left, but if we have
the same vision we can continue to work
together. I think that I stay in the right club
at this point of my career. I have the vision
to work. I have only this vision. Then I
repeat we have to continue to work.
"Sometimes slowly, slowly, to try to improve
to build something important. But if you ask
me how long this path is, my answer is we
need time. Honestly we need time [to make
that decision]. I like to be positive. Last
season we started a difficult path.
"Despite this we won in my first season. It
was incredible. I continue to repeat this. It
was incredible but now we have started this
path and we want to continue together to
improve and to bring this club to have a
solid foundation to stay a long time at the
top and to try to fight to win the Champions
League and the the league.

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