Monday, 24 July 2017

See why Bonucci left Juventus

Bonucci uncovers why he cleared out Juventus for Serie AC Milan*

Leonardo Bonucci has uncovered that he felt "the bond had blurred" at Juventus and says that was a key reason he chose to move to AC Milan this late spring.

The middle back had built up himself as a clique figure in Turin, playing two Champions League finals, yet however Juve fell at the last obstacle again Madrid in May, he felt things had gone the extent that they could for him at the club.

"When you are a piece of a gathering for a long time, you leave something - I trust - excellent inside each of your previous colleagues. I had serious seven years with Juventus, in which I gave such a great amount to them and the other way around," he revealed to Milan TV .

"In the last piece of the last season, this security had blurred a bit on the two sides and consequently it was chosen for us to go our different ways. I was sufficiently fortunate to have this offer from Milan, which escalated rapidly.

"Starting now and into the foreseeable future, I'll consider just Milan."

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