Friday, 21 July 2017

LIVERPOOL Midfielder NOT Available

Liverpool reveal to Barcelona Philippe Coutinho is not available to be purchased at any cost in the wake of dismissing £72m*

Liverpool dismisses an opening offer of £72 million for Philippe Coutinho from Barcelona on Thursday night with the message that he is not available to be purchased this late spring - at any cost.

The Spanish goliaths, who prior racked their long haul drive for the Brazil international because of feeling it was "inconceivable" from a monetary and brandishing point of view after he marked another five-year bargain without a discharge provision in January,

The La-liga side have now been pushed into making their turn following Paris Saint-Germain's reality record quest for Neymar.

The French club will pay €222m (£199m) for the forward - the leave expense in his agreement - having considered Coutinho themselves in their yearning enlistment drive.

That was clear in the way the Reds repelled Barca's approach, with Jurgen Klopp re-emphasizing on Tuesday that they "won't lose a player we need to keep this mid year."

Coutinho knows he is center to the Managers aspirations, and his satisfaction at Anfield was affirmed by his readiness to ink crisp terms at the turn of 2017 with no escape stipulation

The Brazilian midfielder told #Sportnow he want to beat Barcelona while still at Liverpool football team

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