Thursday, 20 July 2017


The Spanish football organization has pushed back a draw for the forthcoming football association date-book until the point when Friday following the capture of its leader.

The attract to choose apparatuses for the first and second divisions, initially planned for Thursday, will now occur Friday at 12:30pm (10:30 GMT) at the alliance's home office, it said in a Twitter message.

The league put off the booked meeting from Thursday to Friday in the wake of the capture of Angel Maria Villar in a noteworthy hostile to debasement test.

His child Gorka, alongside league VP and money related boss Juan Padron, were additionally held regarding the test, which prominently concentrates on affirmations of skimming benefits from universal matches.

Prior on Wednesday, the leader of Spain's administration sports board, Jose Ramon Lete, had said the draw would proceed regardless of the captures and drop gatherings.

"The draw, which is a simply managerial act, will happen," he told news radio Cadena Ser.

The 2017-18 first division season will start the few days of August 19-20 and end on May 20, 2018.

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