Sunday, 23 July 2017

About PSG and NEYMAR saga

Neymar and PSG: 222m to be paid by means of the individual sponsorship of Qatar

Following a meeting this week with Paris Saint Germain's wearing executive, Artero Henrique, and with the attorney and individual from the Parisian top managerial staff, Sophie Jordan, Neymar's dad is focused on having his child sign for Paris Saint Germain once they store the 222 million euros of his end proviso, which it shows up will be done through the individual sponsorship of Qatar.

The terms of the verbal assention came to amongst PSG and Neymar cover a length of six seasons, and in each the player would get 30 million net, a similar that Messi wins after his reestablishment, however excluding a marking reward.

After the experience the previous summer, when the circumstance was fundamentally the same as - Neymar Sr. guaranteeing that his child's choice to leave Barcelona was taken and that it was just a matter of picking between PSG, Real Madrid and Manchester City - PSG are keeping up judiciousness and don't need another failure.

Be that as it may, as indicated by what the player's dad has said to them, it appears that this time Neymar will keep his oath. PSG's board are attempting to locate the best equation so the installment of the 222 million euros won't strife with UEFA's Financial Fair Play (FPF) rules.

Can the Brazilian striker make it at Psg? Does he really worth it? 

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